Shock Service & Tuning

offroad shock service and tuning in northern california, loomis

We are based out of Loomis, CA and do shock servicing and tuning for Northern California. We currently only service aftermarket off-road and truck shocks from these brands: ADS, King, FOX, Radflo, Bilstein (not factory), FOA, Walker Evans, Sway-a-Way, Icon, & Donahoe. See below for pricing information. Precision, consistency, and control; that’s what we achieve. 


  • Service + Repair Damaged, Leaking, or Broken shocks – From bent shafts, worn seals, and dented bodies, we have a wide selection of factory repair parts to bring your shocks back to new.
  • Re-valve & Tune your Worn Shocks – A decades worth of experience tuning and testing dampers, allows us to make your shocks work their best.
  • Shock + Spring Calculations - We can help you pick out the perfect shocks or springs to make your ride, ride right.
  • Mobile Shock Tuning – Our mobile shock trailer allows us to meet you at Prairie City or other OHV sites for specific tuning needs for your Ultra4 race car or off-road rig. Please call for availability and pricing for mobile tuning. Starting at $600.


Here’s a price breakdown for you to get a better idea of what you will be spending. Our standard turn-around time is generally 3-5 business days UNLESS a non-standard service item needs replacing, such as bent or damaged shaft, damaged seal head bearing or wear band, etc. In this case, it depends on vendor availability and shipping time for the new part.

**All shocks must be removed from the vehicle before arriving for service. **

  • $65 each: Shock Service without External Reservoir (not including seals + oil)
  • $75 each: Shock Service with External Reservoir (not including seals + oil)
  • $125 each: Bypass Shock Service (not including seals + oil)
  • $20-35 each: Seal Kit per shock
  • $15.75 per quart of Oil (most shocks take between .5 quarts to 1 gallon of oil per shock)
  • $10 each: For Valving changes with Shock Service
  • $40 each: For Valving changes without Shock Service
  • $10 each: Shock Nitrogen Charge / Gas Fill (included with shock service)