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FJ40 Build #2 Before/During See after pics here. Overall vehicle specs: Chevy 350 NV4500 Transmission Atlas 2 Speed transfer case Solid high pinon dana 60 rear axle Kingpin Chevy low piñon dana 60 front axle 40” Maxix Creepy Crawlers tires Here’s what we did: Removed 4' of the frame in front and 4' in back and replaced with tubular frame (2" 120 wall in front and 1.75" 120 wall in rear) Motor mounts Transmission mount Beefy trusses front and rear Full hydraulic steering behind the axle Front and rear double triangulated 4 link set up with custom crossmembers and link...

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Nothing says summertime like a trip to the 'Con! We squeezed in an easy going Rubicon run a couple weeks ago. We had my 1997 Jeep TJ, a backyard built buggy, an old FJ Landcruiser, another 1997 Jeep TJ, and a couple of Samurais join in on the ride. I sliced up one of my 35" KM2 tires, which are pretty damn bald anyway, so I guess it's time for a new set! I've had those tires for 6 years & I love them. My buddy Travis broke his drive shaft in his buggy. At least this time we made...

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