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Fordyce, Jeep TJ, Wheeling Trip -

Crazy day at Fordyce last Sunday! Rock & Road ( made it up to Fordyce for an eventful day trip along with a couple buddies from the Group Rigs on the Rocks! We went in Cisco grove, made it up just passed WH3, then turned around and barely made it out with all rigs fully intact. We had two vehicles leave the trail in 2WD. A Toyota pickup broke two axle shafts and my Jeep tj snapped crossmember in two places! One hell of a trail fix for sure. We used 5 ratchet straps and 2 chains and binders to hold...

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Fordyce, Wheeling Trip -

It’s been quite a while since we made it up to the mountains for a wheeling trip. Work & life just kinda gets in the way sometimes. But this past Sunday, my wife, Karly and I (Greg) got to escape to Fordyce with a bunch of rigs from Rigs on the Rocks ( If you are in the NorCal area, feel free to join that group. We all post about upcoming wheeling trips and parts/vehicles for sale or trade! It was an easy going trail ride with no major break downs, rollovers, or obstacles, but it was exciting none the...

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